What are the benefits of using a design-build contractor? 

G.M. Wild Construction (GMWC) implements the “design-build” process, helping our clients achieve their home improvement goals within their budget guidelines. The design-build method, in comparison to the “design-bid-build” method, delivers the finished project with the following benefits: 

• The homeowner has one point of contact for the complete project. 
• GMWC is responsible for an excellent project outcome from start to finish. 
• Design-build projects take less time to complete. 
• The project is more affordable because the contractor and client consider the scope of work and budget from the beginning of their relationship. 
• G.M. Wild Construction Inc.’s design-build projects are completed on a “fixed price” contract.

How much of a cost overrun will our project have? What if we want additional work completed during the project? 

GMWC completes the vast majority of our projects on a “fixed price” contract. If the scope of work in the original contract does not change, the contract price does not change. 

In addition, our contract has a “change order” clause that provides for changes in the scope of work. The additional work does not begin until it has been specified and priced, and both the client and contractor have signed a written change order. 

Does G.M. Wild Construction Inc. warranty its work? 

Yes we do. We also return to your project one year after completion to touch up any GWB cracks, caulking issues, or other cosmetic blemishes. 

Can we live in our home during construction? 

Yes, it is usually realistic for clients to live in their homes during construction. Even during kitchen renovations, we are able to accommodate homeowner’s needs. Our dust protection procedures are outstanding, thereby making it easier for the clients to remain in their home during the project, as well as making clean-up at the end of the job more effortless. 

Will we have to hire someone to clean our house when you’re done? 

Absolutely not. Although remodeling is a messy job, we go to great lengths to control dust and debris. At the end of your project, we thoroughly clean all parts of the work area so that you can move right in. 

Who will be my day-to-day contact person throughout the building process? 

GMWC uses the “Lead Carpenter" system. This means that there is one point of contact for the homeowner during the entirety of the job: the Lead Carpenter. Leads are bona fide carpenters in their own right, but they also schedule all aspects of the project, order materials, work with all the subcontractors, and communicate with the client on a daily basis. They can do it all!


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